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Are Authentic Vans Good For Wide Feet

Are you tired of squeezing the legs of yours into narrow shoes and dealing with discomfort all day long? Are Authentic Vans Good For Wide Feet? Look no further, since we’ve the solution to all your wide footed problems – authentic Vans! Indeed, you noticed that correctly – the legendary brand known for its stylish and trendy athletic shoes is also a savior for those with wider feet. But do not simply take the word of ours for it, in this blog post we will dive into the details of the reason authentic Vans are actually ideal for wide feet. From their sturdy construction to their flexible designs, we will check out how these shoes offer both design and comfort to those with wider feet. But that is not all, we will also debunk a few common misconceptions about Vans being only appropriate for narrow feet. So in case you are somebody that has been staying away from Vans due to your wide legs, or even in case you have consistently been a fan but never thought they were an alternative for you, continue reading to learn the reason authentic Vans are actually a game changer for those with wider feet. Get prepared to step into style and comfort like never before!

  1. What are actually wide feet and why do they matter when it concerns shoes?

Wide feet are a typical foot design which is wider compared to the typical foot. This means the breadth of your foot is bigger compared to the regular size for the length of yours. Wide foot could be brought on by genetics, weight gain, and pregnancy. Having wide foot are able to make finding stylish and comfortable shoes a task, as many shoe designs cater to narrow or maybe standard foot widths. This’s the reason it is essential to find shoes specifically created for broad foot to stay away from potential foot problems and soreness.

  1. Understanding the various kinds of Vans: Authentic vs. Old Skool

Vans is a favorite footwear brand known for its stylish and laid-back designs. Nevertheless, not all Vans are actually created equal when it comes to accommodating wide feet. The 2 most popular styles – Old and authentic Skool – have distinct differences in the design of theirs which can impact just how they fit on wider feet. The Authentic design has a lower profile and narrower toe box, while the Old Skool has a thicker sole and wider toe box.

  1. The design features of Authentic Vans that make them ideal for wide feet

Despite its narrower silhouette, Authentic Vans are still a good choice for those with wide feet because of their adaptable canvas upper material and lace up closure system. The canvas material allows for several stretch, accommodating wider feet without compromising on durability or design. Furthermore, the lace up closure allows for an adjustable match, ensuring convenience for those with wider feet.

  1. How to figure out whether your legs are actually vast and what size to get in Authentic Vans

To figure out whether you’ve wide legs, you are able to gauge the foot of yours with a ruler or even measuring tape across probably the widest part of your feet (usually at the heel of the foot) of yours. If this particular measurement is considerably bigger compared to the regular shoe size chart, then you probably have wide feet. In terms of sizing for Authentic Vans, it is suggested to go up half a size or perhaps a total size to accommodate for the wider width.

  1. Real customer reviews: Wide footed people share the experience of theirs with Authentic Vans

Among the most effective methods to figure out whether a shoe is actually ideal for wide foot is actually by reading reviews from many other wide footed individuals. Numerous clients with wide feet have raved about the comfort and fit of Authentic Vans, with some actually thinking it is the only footwear they are able to use with no discomfort. Nevertheless, some have also mentioned that it might have a bit of time to break in the shoes and customize them for wider feet.

  1. Expert tips for breaking in and customizing your Authentic Vans for wide feet comfort

If you see that your Authentic Vans are actually a little snug on your wide legs, do not care! There are several basic tips you are able to follow breaking them in and make them much more comfortable. One technique is wearing heavy socks and make use of a hairdryer on heat that is low to stretch out certain parts of the shoe. You are able to also try using adding insoles or shoe stretchers for additional cushioning and support.

  1. Alternatives to Authentic Vans for those with wider feet

While Authentic Vans might work well for a lot of individuals with wide legs, it is essential to be aware that everyone’s feet design is different. If perhaps you have tried on Authentic Vans and they still do not feel comfortable, you will find some other choices offered from Vans such as for instance the Old Sk8-Hi or Skool types which have a wider toe box. Some other manufacturers as New Balance and Converse also offer styles specifically created for wider widths.

  1. Final verdict: Are Authentic Vans a great option for those with wide feet?

After looking at all things like expert tips, customer reviews, and design features, we are able to confidently state that Authentic Vans are really a great option for those with wide feet. With a few small changes and customization, these versatile and stylish shoes are able to provide support and comfort for wider feet. Nevertheless, it is always vital that you try out on shoes and see exactly how they think on the personal legs of yours before you make a final decision. Happy shoe shopping!


To conclude, wide foot may usually be a difficult task when it comes to finding stylish and comfortable shoes. Nevertheless, with the increase in popularity of Vans, lots of people are wondering whether the iconic Authentic design of theirs is actually ideal for those with wider feet. After comprehensive research and consideration of things like design features, expert tips, and customer reviews, it could be concluded that Authentic Vans are really a great option for people with wide feet.

The flexible fabric material and lace up closure system make them accommodating to wider widths, while still keeping their stylish appeal. While some might have to go up half a size or even customize the shoes for a better match, lots of clients have raved about the comfort and support they offer.

Nevertheless, it is essential to keep in your mind that everyone’s feet design is different and you will find options out there from other models and both Vans for those who might not find the Authentic approach suitable.

Ultimately, trying on shoes and seeing how they think on the own foot of yours is surely the very best way to figure out whether they’re the best match for you. With these elements in mind, we wish the piece of content has helped guide you towards making an educated decision about whether Authentic Vans are actually great for wide feet.






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